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what is a pay stub

A piece of paper given to an employee that shows how much money they have been paid and how much has been taken away for tax, etc. This is the portion of your benefits paid by your employer, not deductions from your earnings. Depending on how your employer pays you, there are different ways you may receive your pay stub. A mortgage loan is a significant financial commitment, both for you and your lender.

  • A payroll card functions like a debit card and allows an employee to access their pay.
  • By reviewing their pay stubs, employees can make sure they were paid correctly and understand their deductions.
  • Then, after you fill out the Deductions section, you’ll see the total deductions calculated too.
  • At first glance, pay stubs can seem very complicated, but once you understand certain payroll terms, such as “gross wages,” “net pay,” and “employer contributions,” they become much easier to read.

These can also clarify an employee’s questions regarding taxes, withholdings, net pay, etc. Employees must always make sure that the pay stub displays the exact values and other necessary information. The contribution from the employer’s side is itemised as a portion of an employee’s gross wage whereas, a contribution from the employee’s side is deducted from their paycheck.

Employee Taxes & Deductions

If you choose to do pay stubs manually, be careful to ensure you’re calculating all wages and deductions correctly every pay period. Different states have different requirements for employees’ pay stubs. Just like gross wages, information on deductions should be included for both the individual pay period and year-to-date. Pay stubs give your employees key insights into their gross pay—and what deductions are being taken out of their checks each pay period. Check with your state to see if there are any other employer-paid taxes you must pay and include on employee pay stubs. Therefore, in order to be compliant with tax laws, independent contractors should invoice the firm which will demonstrate a record of payment. Generally, contractors are not issued with a pay stub as there are no deductions, contributions, or benefits involved when it comes to the relationship between contractor and company.

A check stub is much more than a black and white piece of paper you hand to employees when payday rolls around. It’s what is a pay stub an important part of the payroll process, and it’s essential when it comes to employee-employer relationships.

The Bottom Line: A Pay Stub Shows Where All Your Money Goes

The earnings section shows your earnings from the pay period and includes overtime. It also shows pre-tax deductions for different employee benefits that you may receive, such as health insurance and retirement contributions. While pay stubs are legally required in Europe, there is no federal law that requires employers to provide pay stubs in the US. However, certain US states do require employers to issue pay stubs, so it’s always best to be familiar with your state labor laws.

Separate columns show figures for the current pay period and year to date. Some require that employees have access to pay stubs, while others require that the pay stub be printed and handed to the employee. The payroll card account may be held as a single bank account in the employer’s name. Some payroll card programs establish a separate account for each employee. Most payroll card accounts in the United States are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Are employers required to provide pay stubs?

To reduce the risk of an employee creating a fake pay stub, make sure that you include unique identifying codes on every check stub you create. You just need to set hourly rates for each employee or a project — and, as soon as an employee logs their work hours, you’d be able to see their total hours worked and gross earnings. If you need a pre-built solution to the time-consuming process of creating pay stubs from scratch, then the Pay stub Template with PTO and overtime is a handy solution. The Pay stub Template with overtime is a detailed document specifically created to help you speed up your pay stub issuing process while still not leaving out all the relevant information. As soon as you’ve filled out the Earnings column, you’ll see the Net total automatically calculated in the Total column.

what is a pay stub

You can also use check stubs to fill out each employee’s Form W-2 during tax time. Net pay, or take-home pay, is the amount left over after subtracting taxes and deductions from the employee’s gross pay.

Once you select a pay stub tool, simply enter all the relevant information, and the software will create a paycheck stub for you. However, some employers still use physical paychecks, in which case, paper pay stubs are typically attached via perforation. It’s important for both the employer and employee to keep paper pay stubs and copies safe for future reference. Pay stubs are important documents that give employees transparency in how they are getting paid.

What is a pay stub and why are they important?

A pay stub is a document that shows an employee's wages and deductions for a given pay period. This information is important for both the employer and the employee. The employer needs to make sure that they are paying their employees correctly, and the employee needs to be able to track their earnings and deductions.

In a payroll period, the taxes deducted from a paycheck typically include Social Security and Medicare taxes, otherwise known as FICA . The following taxes and deductions are what you can expect to see on your paycheck, explained in detail below. The Fair Standards Labor Act requires employers to keep records of how many hours an employee has worked and the amount of money they were paid. But, it does not require that employers share this information with their employees. If you’re an employee, you should receive a pay stub every time you get paid, either electronically or on paper. Understanding what’s on your pay stub can help you get an idea of your income situation. It’s also an essential document if you’re planning on borrowing money.

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